Son Of a Pizza
Sculptures / collages 2010-

I regard myself more as an collage maker than a sculptor. Usyally I collect my materials for a long time and work them only lightly. It is an essential part of the conceptual side of the works that the materials are recognizable.


Hymypoika | Xylitolipurukumiveistos (Pure!100%) Luonnollista koko 2011

Gwaihir the pupil

Gwaihir the pupil | Crispbread and pencils The wingspan 205cm 2014


Crown | pencils diameter approximately 30 cm 2014


Moccapalm | take-away coffee cups, coffee bags, coffee beans and a plant pot Korkeus 175cm 


Murkula | Caps of babyfood jars Diameter 40 cm 2013

Wing of a penguine

Wing of a penguine | Ice cream sticks picked up from street and glue 169 x 87 x 1 cm 2011


Sheashell | Corks from champange and sparkling wine bottles 110 x 65 x 40 cm 2010

Son Of a Pizza

Son Of a Pizza | Take away pizza boxes Height 58cm 2014


Dandelions | Burned matches, matchboxes, asphalt height 40cm